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Cassiopeia Documentation

Cassiopeia is a stateless SaaS Microservice which provides a RESTful API for generating PDFs based on several input formats. It is designed to be used as a microservice in a larger system, and is built to be highly scalable and fault-tolerant.


  • PDF Generation: Generate PDFs from ODT, DOCX, HTML, Markdown, or plain text.
  • Merging: Merge multiple documents into a single document.
  • Variables / Templates: Use variables in your documents to generate dynamic content.
  • Fast and Reliable: Built to be highly scalable and fault-tolerant.
  • Simple API: Easy to use and integrate into your system.


You will need to have an account and setup an API key to use Cassiopeia. Then you can use the API with any HTTP Client. The examples in this documentation use curl for simplicity.

Supported Formats

Cassiopeia supports the following input formats:

  • ODT: OpenDocument Text
  • DOCX: Microsoft Word
  • Markdown: Markdown
  • Plain Text

More formats will be added in the future.

Available Fonts

Cassiopeia supports a large amount of fonts, including Asian ones. If your application requires additional or specific fonts not included in this collection, please let us know, so we can add them. In the future we plan to provide a feature to manually upload fonts.