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Privacy Policy ‚Äč

Privacy is really important for us. Thus Cassiopeia was built with privacy in mind. We do not collect any personal information from you. We do not track you. We do not store any information about you. We do not share any information about you with third parties. We do not use any third-party services that might track you.

All data transfer is encrypted using HTTPS. We use the latest security standards to protect your data.

Every document you send to Cassiopeia is only stored in a temporal cache for the duration of the processing. Once the processing is done, the document is deleted from the cache, even when the processing fails. Of course the resulting PDFs are not stored too.

The only data we store are the request logs for the purpose of usage based billing and to improve Cassiopeia (fraud detection, performance monitoring and error tracking). These logs contain the following non-sensible information:

  • The time of the request (for usage based billing)
  • The associated user (for usage based billing)
  • The IP address of the requester (for security reasons, e.g. to detect abuse)
  • The size of the request (For usage based billing)
  • The processing time of the request (For performance monitoring)
  • The result of the request (success or failure, for error monitoring)
  • Error code (if any, for error monitoring)
  • Input MIME type (For usage statistics)
  • Output MIME type (For usage statistics)
  • The request format (For usage statistics)
  • The response format (For usage statistics)
  • Input size (For performance monitoring)
  • Output size (For performance monitoring)

Cassiopeia is hosted on central europe servers in Frankfurt, Germany and follows the strict data protection laws of the European Union (GDPR).

We don't receive or store any personal or payment data. We use LemonSqueezy for payment processing. LemonSequeezy is PCI-DSS compliant and uses the latest security standards to protect your data. See LemonSqueezy's privacy policy for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please contact us.